Disowned by my daughter

Reaching out to anyone who has ever been disowned by their children , so here we go my only child and daughter of 24 yrs old has told me she no longer wants me in her life? She has an older partner , and her life has changed ? We were a close mum and daughter I cherished her , we didn’t Have a falling out so I have no explanations , my life is empty my heart is shattered , if you have experienced this please reach out I need help to reason with this dreadful situation? Sarah


2 thoughts on “Disowned by my daughter

  1. Terry says:

    Hello Sarah, I know that pain. The father of my children is a diagnosed borderline and admitted sex addict. Molested my first daughter. He practiced very subtle parental alienation during their childhood. Admitted this at the end of 34 year marriage. Too late. He said he did so because he knew I would find out his secrets one day And wanted to take away my kids if we divoreced. He is an extremely good pathological liar. Lost 4 of my six children and all of my grandchildren. I lost a son to death and these losses are almost as hard. I hope that you are doing better with your grief. I have learned so much these last seven years. Love to chat on email with you.

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